The evolution of the original P70 launched in 2009, this machine offers the widest range of semi-professional tools on the market and can be used in all seasons. P70 evo is extremely robust and reliable, offers a high working performance in medium-sized plots and it is able, thanks to its special kit, to operate safely even on steep terrain with a max. slope of 45°. One of the greatest successes in the history of Eurosystems.


– 14 tools
– 5 engines models
– Recommended use: semi-pro

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Technical features


gears and endless screw in oil bath and belts


front tool 3 FS + 2 R, 3 forward and 2 reverse speed
rear tool 2 FS + R, 2 forward and 1 reverse speed


rear tool: FS 1,1, 2,1 Km/h – R 1,1 Km/h
front tool: FS 3,5 – 2,5 – 1,1 Km/h, R 2,1 – 1,1 Km/h


adjustable in height and by side, reversible

Driving levers

ergonomic with built-in safety system

Power take off

vertical with belt; quick connection system



Driving wheels

tyres, tractor profile 15×6.00-6"


58-61 Kg


57x135x110(h) cm


B&S 850 Exi-SERIES

Power supply: gasoline

Starting systems: recoil

Displacement: 190 cc

Power: 3,73 kw

Fuel tank: 1,14 liters


Power supply: gasoline

Starting systems: electric

Displacement: 190 cc

Power: 3,73 kw

Fuel tank: 1,1 liters

B&S 1000 Pxi-SERIES

Power supply: gasoline

Starting systems: recoil

Displacement: 223 cc

Power: 4,17 kw

Fuel tank: 1,03 liters


Power supply: gasoline

Starting systems: recoil

Displacement: 200 cc

Power: 3,5 kw

Fuel tank: 1 liters


Power supply: gasoline

Starting systems: recoil

Displacement: 224 cc

Power: 4,35 kw

Fuel tank: 1,4 liters


Working tool suitable for cleaning uncultivated areas or small/medium wooded terrains, the grassland mower P70evo is robust and reliable, it allows to manage brambles, small shrubs and grass tall up to 150/200 cm.

Steel cross rotor with 6 floating knives, working width 63 cm

Sheet metal side adjustable skids, front antichoc with protecting curtain

Operation: cross rotor, 6 floating knives
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 63 cm
Adjustments: height adjustable 5 or 8 cm, fix positions
RPM: 2300-2400
Transport wheels:
Other: sheet metal side skids, sheet metal antichoc and front security curtain
Recommended use: up to 5.000 sm
Net weight: 25 Kg
Dimensions : 68x92x48(h) cm

Working-tool developed and built for haymaking and grass-cleaning, even on surfaces not perfectly cleaned and levelled; this working system is often used in agriculture and thanks to its retractable blades, is less prone to breakages needing also lower maintenance

4 steel double cutting edge retractable knives, working width 64 cm

Operation: 4 steel double-blade pivoting knives
Frame : sheet metal, upper plastic deflector
Working width : 64 cm
Adjustments: fixed cutting height 3,6 cm
RPM: 2300-2400
Transport wheels:
Other: ratchet kit (not included): side strip with cloth
Recommended use: up to 6.700 sqm
Net weight: 27 Kg
Dimensions : 67x78x49(h) cm

The P70 EVO cutter bar is a semi-professional work tool that allows to obtain a clean cut by fully exploiting the potential of the engine; the large cutting surface and the quality of the blade allows a quick and easy work even on large surfaces.

Double blade cutting movement, both blades (the lower and the upper one) floats horizontally allowing a clean and perfect cut

Single floating deflector, adjustable sheet metal skids to set the cutting height of the blades

Operation: blade-working movement: bilama
Frame : sheet metal, upper plastic deflector
Working width : 107 cm
Adjustments: height adjustable through lateral skids, from 2,0 to 5,5 cm
Transport wheels:
Other: adjustable skids
Recommended use: up to 10.000 sqm
Net weight: 23 Kg
Dimensions : 111x68x30(h) cm

Ideal working-tool for optimizing the aeration and drying process of the freshly cut grass; furthermore, using the side rake it is also possible to create side swaths preparing the following harvesting

Belt with 7 combs with 2 pair of tips each

Front steering wheels through lever manageable from the driving position

Lateral adjustable belt rake to make swaths

Operation: 7 combs on belt, 2 pairs of tips per comb
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 100 cm
Adjustments: height adjustable through front wheels, from 0 to 19 cm
Transport wheels: 2 steering front wheels, operated from the driving position
Other: belt 3,2 cm; hay-stop flap for adjustabe raking
Recommended use: up to 7.500 sqm
Net weight: 90 Kg
Dimensions : 152x218x130(h) cm

The P70evo snow thrower is a sturdy, reliable and easily manageable tool; the two-stage turbine helps to work effectively even when the snow is wet and heavy, the adjustments of the chimney and the deflector allow an effective distribution of the ejection.

Double stage turbine 52 cm with lateral skids to adjust the height of work

Rotative snow-chute (180°) with lever manageable from the driving position

Chute cleaning tube included

Operation: double-stage turbine
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 56 cm
Adjustments: height adjustable from 1 to 3 cm through lateral skids
deflector 90°, snow-chute 180°
RPM: 1300-1400
Transport wheels:
Recommended use: up to 1.500 sqm, fresh and/or medium compacted snow
Other: chute cleaning tube
Net weight: 44 Kg
Dimensions : 61,5x189x93(h) cm

The Eurosystems horizontal shovel is designed to clean external floors from snow and different residues, the lower rubber band and the lateral adjustments allow an easy and efficient use.

Front shovel adjustable by side in 3 positions ± 30 ° through the leverage manageable from the driving position.

Lower rubber impact guard for a smoother driving

Operation: front blade with quick connection system
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : selectable: 85 or 100 cm
Adjustments: by side, ± 30°
Transport wheels:
Other: anti-choc rubber band
Net weight: blade 85: 18 kg; blade 100: 32 kg
Dimensions : blade 85: 90x29x45(h) cm; blade 100: 101x29x46

Tool suitable for cleaning outdoor floors and collecting / discharging residues of various kinds. The front ABS plastic bag allows optimal surface-cleaning and an easy unload of the collected material.

Polypropylene-made, helical front brush, dimensions 88 x Ø30 cm, laterally adjustable in 5 positions to ± 30°

Frontal, single ABS collector with 2 solid pivoting wheels.

Operation: helical PP brush Ø30 cm with horizontal axle with double front ABS collector
Frame : sheet metal, plastic collector
Working width : 88 cm
Adjustments: in height through rear wheels, by side ± 30°
RPM: 113 and 207
Transport wheels: two full rear and two full front pivoting wheels
Other: removable binder with handle
Net weight: 44 Kg
Dimensions : 79×107(183)x48(78) cm

This accessory is a “must have” for the horticulturist who uses P70evo as a multi purpose machine: easy and fast to connect, the rear cutters are designed to quickly prepares the seedbed even on hard soil. Through the rear spur is possible to easily set the rotavator operating depth.

Sheet metal protecting casing with adjustable spur to easily set the working depth of the rotavator

Cutter 50 x Ø26 cm with 16 steel blades on horizontal axle

Operation: rear connection, 4 stars, 16 steel blades
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 55 cm
Adjustments: in height through rear spur 0-6,5 cm
RPM: 213
Transport wheels:
Recommended use: up to 800 sqm
Other: adjustable spur
Net weight: 24 Kg
Dimensions : 55x78x54((h) cm

Tool dedicated to the care and to the maintenance of the domestic lawn: through its rotor with springs, the de-thatcher P70evo cleans the soil surface from moss and vegetable residues, increasing its aeration and its assmilation of nutrients.

Working system with springs on horizontal axle

Two rear lateral full wheels

Operation: working system with 96 springs
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 60 cm
RPM: 213
Transport wheels: two full fixed wheels 20×5 cm
Recommended use: up to 2.500 sqm
Other: rear protective sheet
Net weight: 26 Kg
Dimensions : 71x96x39(h) cm

Sprayer with indipendent tank and lance with pressure atmoizer, ideal for misting and treating vegetable gardens, small vineyards and orchards, for sanifications and cleaning operations.
Usable with liquid soaps, alcoholics, fertilizers, pesticides, cryoform and others.

Independent tank with filtering system, maximum capacity 50 litres. 10 litres hand-wash separated tank with tap

Sprayer lance with pressure atomizer (max. 4,1 bar); max. output 7,7 litres per minute

Front fan-shaped ground sprinkler, adjustable through the nozzle

Operation: pump 12 V, 4.1 bar, batteries x2, 12 V – 5 Ah, tank 50 litres
Frame : sheet metal, plastic tank
Working width :
Liquidi compatibili: water, liquid soaps, fertilizers/pesticides, cryo-form etc.
Transport wheels: two frontal pivoting pneumatics 26×6″
Other: hand-wash tank 10 litres

pressure atomizer

9 m hose and support

front fan-shaped ground sprinkler

Net weight: 41 Kg
Dimensions : 71x149x111(h) cm

Developed for moving loads effortlessly, this application has two pneumatics pivoting wheels and a galvanized sheet metal tank that can be easly unloaded through a lever. Maximum capacity 75 kg – 85 lt.

Galvanized sheet tank with integrated drain system on the ground by using a lever, maximum tank capacity 85 lt.

Plastic accessory (not included) to increase the volumetric capacity of the tank to 140 liters.

Operation: construction tank, front discharge system, 75 kg – 85 lt.
Frame : sheet metal, galvanized tank
Working width :
Transport wheels: two frontal pivoting pneumatics 26×6″
Recommended use: sand, lime, wood, not bulky material
Other: optional (not included) to extend its capacity to 140 litres
Net weight: 23,5 Kg
Dimensions : 71x108x86(h) cm

Designed for volumetric loads and/or loads that require a flat base, this accessory has a sheet metal platform and a 160-liter stackable square tank. Suitable for handling bulky loads or materials that require a flat support surface. Maximum capacity 75 kg.

LDPE plastic tank, maximum capacity 160 litres, to be set on the sheet metal platform

Sheet metal platform 88x155x10(h) cm

Operation: sheet metal platform equipped with stackable / foldable tank 160 lt
Frame : sheet metal, plastic tank (LDPE)
Working width :
Transport wheels: two frontal pivoting pneumatics 26×6″
Recommended use: leaves, pruning, bulky material in general, potted plants etc.
Other: tiltable tank
Net weight: 35 Kg
Dimensions : 71x108x86(h) cm

Rear tool for plowing previously tilled soil

Sheet metal ridging plough with fixed wings, working width 29 cm, quick connection system

Operation: rear connection, fixe
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 29 cm
Transport wheels:
Net weight: 3,5 Kg
Dimensions : 29x35x48(h) cm

Double-function working-tool with a large 185 liter collector with quick unloading system and a large vacuum capable of handling large surfaces. The P70evo leaf vacuum can also be converted into a blower it can also be converted into a blower thanks to the special independent tube and the relative fan inversion control in order to reach even the most difficult spots .

Nylon collector with dust-cover and quick release system. Max capacity 185 litres

Blower-hose Ø10 x 250 cm, max. capacity 4,4 m3/min

Front pivoting wheels with working-height adjustment system

Operation: reversible suction fan with conveyor and collection bag, independent blower tube
Frame : sheet metal
Working width : 78 cm
Adjustments: in altezza tramite ruote 2-6,4 cm
RPM: 2600
Transport wheels: two front pivoting
Other: blower hose Ø10 x 250 cm, max. capacity 4,4 m3/min
suction fan, max. flow rate 13,6 m3/min
collecting bag 185 litres
Net weight: 46,5 Kg
Dimensions : 86x149x152(h) cm



Description: 11 kg ballast with support

Use: to laterally work on steep terrains up to 45°


Description: wheels extension iron-made

Use: soft grounds, suitable to work on steep terrains


Description: iron snow chains for tractor wheels

Dimensions: 15×6,00-6″


Description: tank extension with quick hooks, volumetric capacity 140 litres

Use: optional for transport tank


Description: flap with side cloth for swath preparation

Use: accessory for rotating scythe