Motor mowers

Our motor mowers are designed and built for cutting and mowing grass, particularly suitable for haymaking. EUROSYSTEMS models are particularly appreciated by those who own lands up to a maximum of 6,000 square meters and need to recover and store the cut grass for animal feeding. EUROSYSTEMS motor mowers and rotary mowers offer a perfect cutting quality and are designed to last over time. The multiple quality controls guarantee the highest reliability and durability.

  • M90

    M90 is solid and extremely easy to use, it is designed and built to be used safely and effortlessly. The solid anti-puncture wheels, the anti-vibration handlebar support, the double floating deflector and the patented blade movement are guarantee of an exceptional strength and a fine quality of cutting. Recommended for surfaces up to 5.000 square meters.   Cutting movement: single blade 4 engines models Recommended use: up to 5.000 sm
  • M210

    M210 is performing and easy to handle, it is a motor mower that stands out for its double-blade cutting movement, i.e. a feature that enhances its performance and working speed. The double blade system allows the freshly cut grass to regenerate in a healthy and fast way. Easy to use and extremely maneuverable, it is recommended on surfaces up to 6.000 m².   Cutting movement: bilama 5 engines available Recommended use: up to 6.000 sqm