Two-wheel tractors

EUROSYSTEMS two-wheel tractors are simple but extremely robust and performing. They are designed and built to work safety and quickly , finely shredding the earth and preparing a perfect seed bed. Our two-wheel tractors are recommended in medium and large vegetable gardens or in small agricultural plots. Our tools are able to work well even on medium-hard and compact soils which were not previously plowed.

  • RTT 2

    Robust and easy to handle RTT 2 is suitable for working light/medium-compacted soils which were not even previously plowed. The traction wheels with tractor and semi-differential profiles make driving simple and safe. This two-wheel tractor is ideal for finely shredding the soil and quickly preparing the seed bed by breaking the upper crust, i.e. reducing the earth to finely crushed, well-ventilated, soft and ready to grow soil.   4 engines available Use: amateur Recomended use: soft/medium soil, up to 600 sqm
  • RTT 3

    RTT3 is powerful and fast, this cultivator is designed and built to meet, even in the most difficult situations the needs of all horticulturists. RTT3 is ideal for finely shredding the earth and in the preparation of the seed bed on soft and medium compact soils. Its powerful engine models allow precise and fast work. The high-quality materials used, the meticulous checks during assembly and the balanced power-to-weight ratio are a guarantee of high work output.   2 engines models Use: amateur Recomended use: soft/medium soil, up to 800 sqm