Designed and built in order to keep the lawn and green areas healthy, Eurosystems scarifiers are designed to be safe and extremely simple to use. Scarification and aeration of the turf are operations to be carried out mainly at the beginning and at the end of the vegetative phase and which are used to remove moss and plant residues; in this way you can increase the absorption of nutrients, the regeneration capacity and the aeration of the soil , allowing the turf to grow stronger and healthier.

  • SC 42

    from 123 to 166 cc
    Gear speed:
    to be pushed
    15 double blades
    45 liters
    ~ 1.200 sqm
    SC42 is a vertical-engine scarifier with excellent performances, particularly suitable for those who use mulching mowers (without collection). The 15 pairs of tempered steel blades, penetrating into the soil, remove moss, felt and weeds, increasing the oxygenation of the soil and at the same time decreasing the presence of fungi and bacteria harmful to the turf.   Fix blades 3 engines models Recommended use: up to 1.200 sqm