Who we are




We are a company founded in 1973 in Luzzara, province of Reggio Emilia, a coastal village in the river Po valley where generations and generations of small farmers have left the indelible marks of fatigue, hunger and resilience on the earth.

Through our work, through our passion, we want to bring new and old generations closer to the world of gardening and horticulture by creating solutions and machinery that facilitate human work and that are designed to last over the years.

Made in



Instead of relocating and decentralizing the production processes, we preferred to maintain a territorial production, an exhaustive control over raw materials and all the processes we are carrying out.

We apply industrial processes to a work that, in many ways, still turns out to be artisanal. The production, research and development, prototyping, painting and robotic welding departments are structured to manage international demand and a continuous development of new innovations.

Over the years we have internalized the painting and welding processes in order to have greater control over the quality of the structures of our machinery.




Since the 1980s we have specialized in the customization of our products, becoming a global partner of several international brands.

The possibility of producing small costumized batches has also made it possible for many local and national brands to expand their range of products without having to make huge investments in terms of research, development and production.

Our production flexibility has meant that, over the years, we have rapidly increased our know-how thanks to the continuous confrontation with international producers and with increasingly diversified market segments.