Our work

At the beginning of the 70s, at the dawn of this journey we embarked on, we set ourselves the goal of helping individuals and small farmers in the daily care and maintenance of their land. In fact, at that time more than today, each family had a small plot of land destined for fruit and vegetable cultivation.

In those years of growth and development, what was enough for us was to provide long-lasting, low-cost solutions that would take away the physical fatigue of every day by facilitating those operations that, until then, had been carried out manually.

Today this is no longer enough. In an ever faster and more dynamic world, in a society where few find the time to sow and care for the earth, in a time where we prefer to replace rather than fix, we choose to stop, to slow down, we choose to insist on the choice made for many years ago, we choose to believe in returning to the land, in the value of effort, in territoriality.

Through our work, through our passion, we bring new generations closer to the world of gardening and horticulture:

Gardening and horticulture increase the value of the land, bring greenery to urban and suburban areas, help increase oxygen levels, create a more harmonious and serene territory; a healthy and luxuriant environment also means providing an ideal habitat for numerous species of insects and animals.

For EUROSYSTEMS, doing business means not decentralizing production processes, it means being present in one’s own territory, it means maintaining quality production.