The Deco90 is the solution you’re looking for in brushing and de-compacting synthetic lawns. Industry experts recommend regular lawn maintenance up to two or even three times a month during periods of heavy or intense use.

The Deco90 features 156 springs to comb the synthetic fibres in the grass and recover granules crushed or packed in by foot traffic or high summer temperatures.

Two rear brushes distribute infill material over the entire lawn and drag foreign bodies outwards. This is achieved by the first brush oscillating with adjustable height and the second by gravity to achieve a desired finish.

This machine is highly suitable for dry and wet surface use and can work large areas quickly with its 80cm de-compacting working width, and 90cm brushing width. These two functions are independent and equipped with different levels of regulation, making the Deco90 an essential tool for the maintenance of both gardens and sports fields where the Deco90 ensures adequate results for regular interactions with sporting materials, such as the bounciness of a ball. Give new life to your artificial turf and restore the best interactions for walking, running or sports participation.

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