Eurosystems two-wheel tractors have always been a reference point for the commercial segment addressed to the private horticulturist and the small gardener. Their ease of use, the strength of the materials and their effectiveness allow you to work the soil with ease, preparing it for sowing.

From today, RTT 2 and RTT 3 are equipped with three important technical developments that allow an improvement in the control / maintenance phase and in the maneuverability during the job : the new handle support features a quick adjustment system that allows you to instantly change the position of the handlebar and which therefore allows the operator to work sideways avoiding stepping on the ground just worked.

RTT2 and RTT 3 are also equipped with new ergonomic forward levers and a visual control system for the correct tensioning of the transmission belts that allows the operator to always work at maximum efficiency, minimizing the possibility of wear and breakage of the same.

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